Corpus Christi Aggie Moms’ Club

Our Purpose

Chartered in April 1942, the Corpus Christi A&M Mothers’ Club shall promote the welfare and happiness of the students attending Texas A&M University and to cooperate with the faculty of the University in maintaining high standards of moral conduct and intellectual attainment.  

Our Mission

The Federation of Texas A&M University Mothers’ Clubs was organized in 1928 and has grown to include 110 individual Aggie Moms Clubs located across Texas and throughout the nation.  The mission of our organization is “by individual and united effort to contribute in every way to the comfort and welfare of the students and to cooperate with Texas A&M University in maintaining a high standard of moral conduct and intellectual attainment.”  Texas A&M University Mothers’ Clubs are proud organizations: proud of Texas A&M University and proud of the daughters and sons they send to Texas A&M.  Aggie Moms’ Clubs are also proud of making a contribution: to the education of their students, to the future of Texas A&M University and to the future of the great state of Texas.

We invite you to join our Corpus Christi A&M Mothers’ Club.  Joining and participating in club meetings and events are excellent ways to become familiar with Texas A&M University, to support your Texas Aggie, and to form lasting friendships with other Aggie Moms.

Who We Are

The Aggie Moms Club in Corpus Christi is a Texas A&M Social Club established to facilitate the support for parents of Texas A&M students.

They say that the Texas Aggie Spirit inspires Aggies everywhere with a feeling of unity and undying devotion to Texas A&M. As Texas Aggie parents, you will gain a noble feeling of honor and pride as you expand your knowledge of the Aggie traditions and ways.

What We Do

Just like your student who is experiencing their first year as an Aggie or who is deep into the college experience, you know that to ensure a great college experience it takes outreach.  We know the faculty and staff will guide our students through any situation and provide all the available resources that they need.  Our club wants to do the same for you as parents! We want to support you in your journey. You are not alone! You will find that by joining our club you will receive camaraderie and support to make the Aggie Spirit alive in us all, all the way down here in South Texas.

Special thank you to our generous Aggie Mom Sponsors!

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